State of Grace. personal exhibition of Adriana Arronte Gallery Villa Manuela / H Remains silent No. 406 and / 17 and 19, Vedado/ September-October of 2019

Villa Manuela Gallery
State of Grace
Adriana Arronte
September-October/ 2019

On grace
Luis Enrique Padrón

Adriana Arronte is seduced by questioning the capacity for self-representation that contemporary societies display. A state of grace, a full rehearsal, comes at a crucial moment in our culture to show that glory is not an absolute, but a relative. In this way it translates a great collective feeling, which today marks some fundamental lines of thought and creation in Cuba: the right of citizens to have power over their own symbols.

There are several approaches to this concept, yet the artist has selected the idea of assumption as an image. In the treatment given, high doses of cynicism, virtuous recreation of a society in which the act of ascending always involves serious personal sins, stand out. That is why the predominant rhythm in the course of the narration is the descent, the opposite of meaning that involves in the discourse a subtle judgmental posture.

"Since the sovereignty of minds is always false, the new criticism is about to descend from the head all over the body.

The will for analysis that moves the artist is resolved in a landscape, nurtured by unsuspected still lifes. The objects boast a certain textual quality without being deprived of the poetry underlying their origin.