Take care my hope / exhibition personal / Osmiel  Cespedes  Elizarde / Centro Provincial de Artes Plásticas y Diseño / Calle Oficios No. 362 e/ Luz y Santa Clara, Habana Vieja/
Octubre de 2019

Caring for my hope
Brushstrokes of blue, green and grey in oil and acrylic with distinctive tones in large formats, justify the PAINTING that once again (re)jumps to address a problem that concerns the planet we inhabit, and therefore the sensitivity of the artist.

¨Cuidando my esperanza¨ by Osmiel Céspedes is the proposal that moves him to insist, as one more voice of a conscious citizen of the world, on that inevitable biological interaction between living beings known as flora and fauna, to be ¨leitmotiv¨ that seeks reflective connections in the spectator on the behaviors and actions that human activity has been generating in search of its "progress".

The figurations with drawings by trade from the visual metaphor expose recurrent thoughts, questions, concerns and common sense in man's relationship with the animal kingdom (with emphasis on the monkey as self-consciousness) as well as the others "taken from a hat with non-confessed personal motivations"; as well as the vegetation of a degraded green as a style "tattooer" that covers the bodies copiously, they argue conceptually and formally the aspiration and necessity of the right earthly balance, that is to say, "the unappealable sentence" that with the care of the environment goes ours to survive as a species.

Cora Sotolongo Pons