Exhibition by Alejandro Campins. Fototeca de Cuba. Mercaderes street, between Muralla and Teniente Rey. La Havana, November 2016

In the Havana neighborhood of La Víbora, on October 10,2016, Alejandro Campins (Manzanillo, 1981) commented:

«... Photography, like drawing and painting, is part of my work process: it is a voice, another contribution, from another language, to my research on the landscape. My vision is that of an interpreter of three-dimensionality. I learned to paint and draw from nature and therefore to observe with both eyes. Photography, on the other hand, captures the image through a single point of view by means of the lens: it is a different form of interpretation. "The eyes of perception can be two, three, ten or infinite. The important thing is to ask oneself what lies behind the mere appearance. Perceiving things means going beyond the five senses and generating communication with reality...»

Alejandro Campins' photograph often mentions the morbid and belligerent interaction between architecture and nature. In fact, the latter overcomes the former irreversibly. However, his photographs crystallize this process in time, in a suspended and anonymous moment, which seems to have neither future nor past. Likewise, the ambiguity that crosses "The eyes of perception" oscillates between distancing and empathy.

by: Luisa Ausenda