The infinite possibility / The mirror of the enigmas. Point on the cubanidad /exhibition Collective / Biennial XIII Colateral Exhibition of Havana / National Museum of Fine arts. Building of Cuban Art / Trocadero Remains silent and / Monserrate and Zulueta, Old Havana / April-September of 2019  

The mirror of enigmas. Notes on cubanity
Jorge Fernandez Torres

This proposal will be a brief summary of what will happen in the rest of the exhibitions. The starting points would be the works of Wifredo Lam and Ana Mendieta. Lam has to be shown as that Trojan horse that assumed the social by giving reins to hallucinatory figures and imagination. Michel Leris commented that the approach to his work could only be done in ethnographic terms. On the other hand, Ana Mendieta wanted to fuse her body to nature. The fact that she was stripped of the place where she was born in adolescence brought her back to what she called ¨The Mother Land¨. His way of expressing this sensation in his interviews recalls the poem that Aimé Césaire dedicated to Lam and that he titled ¨El return to the country nata¨l.

This exhibition integrates the original discourses of the nation. He situates José Martí and his Campaign Diary in the Lezamian sense of seeing it as that tumult or wind that knocks down the old idiomatic houses and the incarnation of the verb in history. The exhibition opens up questions that have been conditioned by unresolved conflicts in art, society and politics.