Collective exhibition. Pabellón Cuba, 23rd street corner to N, Vedado. June 2017

"The mystique of the body. Habeas corpus ad subiiciendum, seeks to explore from art, from different approaches and supports, that polysemic capacity (totally mystical) that makes the body an inexhaustible tropo. The subtitle, in addition to completing the thematic intentionality, introduces and illustrates the operative of the exhibition: the artist exhibits part of his artistic body and himself, is naked in front of the spectator and generates a dialogue with his context(s)".

Juan José Barboza Gubo & Andrew Mroczek / Jean Francois Boclé / Eduardo Caballero / Juan Castillo / Coco González / Pamela Iglesias / Carlos Martiel / Francis Naranjo & Carmen Caballero / Pablo Núñez / Bernardo Oyarzún / Raquel Paiewonsky / Iván Perera / Joaquín Sánchez / Mireia Tramunt / Rafael Villares / Patricio Vogel / Liliana Zapata