Collective exposition. Gallery Victor Manuel, Cathedral Square , Old Havana. May 2017

For many, understanding a society implies branching it into cracks, segmenting it, confusing it with the hierarchy of its judgments. This act inevitably supposes the prioritization of a point of view, in which there exists the subject who judges, the "I"; and there exists what is alien, that is, The Other. It is impossible to avoid these schemes and, at least partially, to belong to them. This is why the exhibition attempts to ironize on the term, by asking the question: Where do the limits of this supposed "otherness" begin? and to what extent are we not all a little part of it?

List of artists:

Lesbia Vent Dumois / Pablo Rosendo / Santiago R. Olazabal / Rubén Rodríguez / Niels Reyes / Ernesto Rancaño / Carlos Quintana / Jorge Otero / Cirenaica Moreira / Manuel Mendive / Roldan Lauzán / Jorge & Larry / Rocío García / Adonis Flores / Moisés Finalé / Roberto Fabelo / Jorge Dáger / Servando Cabrera / José Luis Bermúdez / Lancklot Alonso / William Acosta