The place in the one that so well you is /  Collective exhibition / Gallery Havana / calle  Line No. 460  / E and F, Vedado / Julio 2019.

The place where you're doing so well
Eliseo Diego

The place where we like customs,
the distractions and delays of luck,
and the taste brief as dense as it may be,
difficult to cross as a wooden fragrance,
the late-night coffee,
good to say this is life,
confuse afternoon and taste,
nothing happens, everything is
slow and palatable as a thick night
If anyone asks, tell them
there's nothing going on here, it's just life,
and you'll be to blame for a mess of rags.
if they were to tell us what the afternoon was,
that secret we lost that he doesn't know anymore,
who doesn't know anything anymore.