Exhibition by Dania González Sanabria. Development Center of the Visual Arts, San Ignacio Nr. 28 corner to Teniente Rey, Old Square, Old Havana. March-April 2017

Vestiges of an artistic practice developed as something circumstantial, as the effect of a presence and a transit through places. Images of a "walk of passage"; that make reference to the immediacy, the temporality, the discovery, the dazzle, the unusual and the overwhelming of certain realities and environments for an individual that tries to assimilate and channel all that load.

Works inspired by local histories, regional dynamics and remnants that at the same time are reflections of personal and universal processes; in them is manifested the search for a spiritualization, the reminiscence to the primary and the natural, a new humanization of space and the will to give a new spirit to these contexts, to create in them
new histories for oneself and for the other.