¨Umbrales¨. It shows Collective Continuous Gallery Art / Eagle of Gold. Remain silent Ray No. 108 and / it Settles and Dragons, Chinese Neighborhood, Center Havana /  September-November of 2019


(Press release)

Arte Continua is pleased to present, from Saturday September 7, the collective exhibition UMBRALES, with works by Cuban artists Juan Carlos Alom, René Francisco, Carlos Garaicoa, Alejandro González, Osvaldo González, Orestes Hernández and Eduardo Ponjuán.

The exhibition is inspired by the literary work The Book of Passages, one of the most important texts of the German philosopher Walter Benjamin, in which he worked between 1927 and 1940, the date on which he died, leaving this philosophical essay unfinished. Built from notes, reflections, quotations, passages, with this accumulation of dispersed material the author attempted to examine Paris in depth, as the capital of the nineteenth century.

Focusing on descriptions of the city, its facades, its dynamics, its new commercial points, and above all on the street "as the consummation of a new and gigantic scenography", the German philosopher repeatedly turns to the "thresholds", in its literal and metaphorical sense, to accentuate his protagonism in the physiognomy of the nineteenth-century Parisian city.

For this exhibition, the artists have been invited to think about thresholds, those that become boundaries between the private and the public, that can be physical spaces but also mental constructions, that describe the initial movement, the starting point, that focus positively, reflectively and that accumulate sensations and experiences.

In some cases, such as that of Carlos Garaicoa and René Francisco, works from previous years are taken up again, which seem to have been designed for this exhibition. The series The Old and the New (2010) and New Economy, Old Mentality (2011), from Garaicoa, were made from vintage photographs found in an antique store in Shanghai, although these characters may well have left our environment in the Chinese quarter of Havana. The remains and ruins of the city and the idea of before and after appear in a large drawing with pins and thread, and in the piece Birlibirloque, respectively. On the other hand, René Francisco makes a new version of his pool trampolines.