Exhibition by Niels Reyes and Alejandro Gómez Cangas. Gallery Galiano, Street Galiano Nr. 256 between Concordia and Neptuno, Center Havana. May - July 2017

"Homo omniumrerum mensura est" ("Man is the measure of all things")

Niels Reyes (Santa Clara, 1977) and Alejandro Gómez Cangas (Santa Clara, 1986) share common artistic interests, perhaps the most relevant being the persistence of both in painting as an expressive medium, in continuing to resolve their intricacies through constant exercise. By confronting the work of both artists in the same space, it could be immediately explained why a two-person show could be organized between them. This relationship between the whole and the part that seems to be in conflict, but which culminates in a similar concern, as old as the Renaissance philosophy that placed man at the center of the universe.

In the compositions of these young artists, related lines are recognized. The inertia and the movement opposed or converging in a similar sensation of uncertainty. The same figure can look at us inquisitively in a work by Niels and also turn our backs on one of Alejandro's canvases; the possible narrations remain in what we can imagine through those faces, expressions and attitudes.

Everything makes more sense in the voices of the artists themselves. We talked to them, who agreed to two interviews in which they tell us about their creative processes and personal interests within art. As soon as they know each other, perhaps today they will notice that both coincide in this obsession to capture the infinite expression of the human being.

by: Elisa M. López Rodríguez and Sandra García Herrera