Collective exhibition. Casa Victor Hugo, street O'Reilly Nr. 311 between Habana and Aguiar, Old Havana. November - December of 2017

"Living in truth, not lying to yourself,
or lie to others, it's only possible
on the assumption that we live without an audience...
To have an audience, to think about the audience,
that's living in the lie."

"The unbearable lightness of being"
Milan Kundera

 The human being is by its own condition a social being, that spontaneously and naturally exposes itself to the eye of the "other", to the gaze of a public that can be anonymous or known. Historically, Cubans have assumed the fact of being observed from the outside as a people who bet on justice and freedom, happy and supportive people who laugh, sing, dance... and even eat fruits. To be observed by others is already an addition to our tropical and festive idiosyncrasy, but sometimes we become in(conscious) spectators of our own realities, to ratify or exalt those distinctive features with which the stranger identifies us, or -on the contrary- to realize so many other qualities that we possess and that in dissimilar occasions are ignored or simply become inadvertent by so much Caribbean exoticism.

To live in the truth, as Milan Kundera puts it, is then an entelechy for the Cuban. Not lying to ourselves, not lying to strangers about what we are or are no longer is absurd; we are accustomed to lying even knowing that the other realizes our lie and that he plays only at not realizing it. We live with an invariable public, an internal and external public that assumes us in a way that many times (only "many times") is erroneous or that shows only what we let see.

The collective exhibition Vivir en la Verdad, which integrates young documentary photographers, risks showing some of the facets in which Cubans live and do not live in the truth; moments that reflect the day to day, the simple passing of time in this island full of dreamers, of people who ponder every moment about their life, their future, their personal ambitions, their shortages and their ephemeral joys.

Starting from their own visions of the reality that overflows the Cuban, each one shows documentary images of great visual poetry, of a certain nostalgia to discover us and to be discovered through the lens, through what the glass shows them. A variety of photographs sometimes similar in treatment and look, but always with some novelty, originality and even a certain rarity. They try, once again as others have tried, to unveil those mysteries that surround us, those truths that we do not even imagine of ourselves, to live less and less in the Lie and discover us in the Truth.

by: Lisa del Prado, Curator

List of artists:
Danay González / Maribel Amador / Willliam Cruz / Wanda Canals / Raismary Vargas / Yoel Mayor / William Ferrer / Oderay Ponce de León / Sergei Montalvo / Arley Perera / Michel Martínez / Víctor Méndez

Special guest:
DJOY of Cuba