Exhibition by Yomer Montejo Harrys. Gallery "Francis Picabia", Palacio of Prado, French Alliance of Cuba, Prado street corner to Trocadero, Havana. October 20, 2017 (inauguration)


Orchestrating my rhythms opens up on the field of sound and musical tradition. It employs instruments that, despite belonging to the family of the foundational apparatuses of popular tradition, today suffer a gradual fading. The supposed consumer public par excellence has emigrated to other tastes. Through these works, an inheritance is problematized that can only exist if it is allowed to express itself as a personal experience with which to dialogue intimately. It is about revisiting history and its symbolic platforms, stretching and altering its discursive methods. The immediate aim is to facilitate an approach that starts, not from the mystified object, but from its sensory communicative potential. Consequently, the works that Yomer Montejo presents to us are equipped with modern systems that empty them of practical sense and expose by alternative routes the soul trapped in them. X-rays, heat waves or electrical vibrations are shown to recreate the passage of someone who may have been its user in the past.

But it's of little use to see when it comes to hearing here. The project proposal is enriched by the presence of two actors who understand how to give life to the legacy that is languishing today: The Quinteto Los Mambises and Wichy del Vedado, who offer their works on Cuban popular music.

The Quinteto Los Mambises will perform on the day of the premiere with pieces from their traditional repertoire, while Wichy, a renowned DJ from the Cuban scene, will reinterpret with his team some of the pieces, in which he combines the sonorities of the old instruments with those of his current works. It will be an act of both homage and modernization.

Open to various readings, the exhibition is aimed at rethinking the intangible heritage now displaced by the main stream of music and the encartonamiento of institutions. The polemic to be raised concerns two points: What is the survival capacity of these cultural forms in the current context? And, therefore, what can be the "soul" of our times?

by: Jorge Sánchez.

Yomer Montejo Harrys
Camagüey, 1983.

2011 Analog-digital photography course, taught by photographer and professor Alberto Arcos (the Chinese) at UNEAC.
2007 Graduated from the Imaging course. Health technician.
2000 Graduated from the Instituto Politécnico Pablo de la Torriente Brau.
Member of the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS). He belongs to the National Council of Plastic Arts, Ministry of Culture.

2014 Retrospective... series (Wear and tear) in Fábrica de Arte.
2013 Everyone has a soul. Centro Cultural Cinematográfico ICAIC.
2015 Inventory. Ludwig Foundation. Havana, Cuba.
2015 The object as consolation. Centro Cultural Cinematográfico ICAIC. Havana Cuba.
2011 Wear. Her-Car Gallery, Havana.

2016 Open Atellers art needs location, Atelierhaus Dachauer Stabe exchange exhibition, export-import. Munich.
2015 Blessed are those who seek peace. I study Los Oficios Gallery. Havana Cuba.
2015 Cubans 3, NESPOS Gallery, France.
2015 Devenir Animal (Cuban Art Factory).
2015 Light to your own chemistry, ISA Biennial.
2015 Twelfth Havana Biennial, Morro - Cabaña Military Historical Park, Cuba.
2014 Expo sale of Cuban Contemporary Art, Cuba.
2014 God raises them... Havana Factory.
2014 Offene Atellers + Lesung. Munich
2013 Vanity Flair - luxury and transience. 1 Bienal The Artist in the House of Art.
2013 I count, you remember. Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design. Havana.
2013 Cod. Nuno Sacramento Gallery. Portugal Stealing Spirits. Photo library of Cuba.
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2012 Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre. Multiple views on contemporary Cuban plastic art. 17 May-14 June. Central Gallery of the Centro Nacional de las Artes. Mexico City.
2012 Oncena Biennial. Apparent identities, hidden subjectivities. Morro-Cabaña Historical Military Park. Havana.

2011 Mention in the category of Printed Work in the Onceno Salón Coloquio de Arte Digital. Pablo de la Torriente Brau Cultural Center. Havana.
2009 Mention. Category III. VI Salón de Artes Plásticas Panorama 42. Wifredo Lam Gallery. Third Prize in the Biennial La llave del Cerro. Teodoro Ramos Blanco Gallery. Havana