Time, history, identity, self-referentiality... are some of the themes dealt with by Alejo Carpentier in the story that gives the title to this bipersonal exhibition by Diana Fonseca / Aimée García. In this warp weaves a curatorial plot that emphasizes "the essential," the value of the underlying simplicity behind the big-small things of everyday life.

Context and text, city and family, macro and microcosm, spaces between which life passes. Factoría Habana thus closes a new stage, a circular and inclusive tour initiated with Duchamp's El Silencio, followed by Diogenes y la luz, index of images, La ceiba told me and our particular Viaje a la semilla: final point of a long tour on EL ORIGEN individual and collective, a magical place where inspiration is generated and where the proposals of two artists live with capital letters: DIANA FONSECA / AIMÉE GARCÍA.

by: Dr. Concha Fontenla

Havana, March 2018