Exhibition of Pablo Victor Bordón Pardo. Fototeca of Cuba, Mercaderes street Nr. 307, Old Square, Old Havana. April - May 2017

Friend Pablo:

I've known you for just a few years and I've seen how your interest in photography has grown. You, like me, come from the practice of "traditional" artistic media and I know the advantages and disadvantages of using photography as a means of expression. Artists are often limited in assuming this medium which, while it may be a way of expressing Art, is not limited by that context.

You have managed to take advantage of some particularities of photography, for example: its intrinsically documentary character, to express your work and this is not a small merit. An unprejudiced approach to photography has also allowed you not to be limited by a narrow or "traditional" approach; but you have known how to use resources that come from its technical and symbolic tradition to develop a definitely contemporary discourse. The concerns and consciousness that you manifest for the intrinsic semantics in the matter that conforms the artistic object are the logical result of your formation as a visual artist; as well as your work capacity and the excellent structure of your elaborated projects.

On the other hand, you have not been limited to believing that Photography is only an element or a docile resource to express the "sublime" contents of Art, ignoring the possibilities that the tradition of the medium itself brings to light.

This is why being your tutor has been more of a pleasure than an obligation for me. Keep up the good work.

Your friend:

Ossain Raggi.