Exhibition by Ricardo Silveira Miró. Provincial Center of Plastics Arts and Design. Luz and Oficios streets, number 362, Old Havana. November 2016

Pictorial Latitudes by Hilda Vidal
Toni Piñera

There is no doubt, Hilda Vidal is an original painter, cultured and intelligent, and her paintings are full of enigmas. And from the very mystery with which he nuances his creations arises a poetry that touches the senses. There, in the depths of her creations, the word becomes color and form to tremble in each line.

An atmosphere wanders through the skin of his paintings, which strongly envelops the lyrical, personal expressionism that bears his signature, far from Chagall, Klee..., in its own way, then, all evidence that his way of trapping expressiveness, the inner strength of figures or shadows to which we are accustomed in time, is sealed by the way of producing poetry. The artist, when trying to touch perfection, always looking for it, is connected with the lyric. He adds ingredients from here and there, scatters through the white field of the canvas or the cardboard everything that comes to him through the different dimensions of his being, from the internal that nourishes his pictorial saying, and casts luck in each stroke, which is transformed into an artistic whip with which he orders the reality of the imagination, to assemble his universe.

This exhibition reaches the creator in a singular moment of her existence, in which the experience, the lived and seen by the long way becomes human dimension. His cardinal points are nourished by memories, introspections, readings, dreams that later rest on his enigmatic painting. Because his work is NOT explicit, moves internally, does not illustrate or relate anything. It is, in a nutshell, a subtle intimacy. He dives into the depths of his being, which can be that of all of us, where we can be reflected, in the end, like in a mirror. Pure psychology where the super me emerges.

In that overwhelming authenticity of creation flies the imagination, guided by the wise hand of one of the most intellectual artists of contemporary Cuban plastic art. Only to observe his creations to detect, in them, references to the most varied edges of life: cultural, literary, psychological..., where implicit "quotations" of oriental art lie, the Kabuki masks, the Beijing opera, among many others. Behind it is the study, and a wide cultural sediment that enriches the pieces. Technically, in his paintings, nothing is missing or superfluous. The geometric sense and order are obvious, horizontal, vertical and safe crossing, where one breathes, in addition, an exquisite aesthetic taste for detail, and the wise handling of color. This one's naturally rich. If we take an X-ray of her pictorial work, we will discover that colour takes on an effective protagonism. It brings together the most varied tones on the surfaces, mixing them in an unprecedented way, to finally give birth to a special magic that traps the pupils. No less central is his brushstroke, his execution. She reaffirms, in each gesture, the passion for painting, for painting itself.

In his paintings we find the definitive composition, which also often opens up unusual possibilities. His drawing, singular, decanted in the security of the lines, can be unfolded with kaleidoscopic character in the final precision of certain forms, silhouettes and features, and in the evaporation of a whole that, by its mirages, endows its pieces with the force of the enigma. The titles breathe in the same dimension of creation. They are allusions, words that testify what they will find inside the work. They are her paintings, strange, rare, it is necessary to study them in depth, because after all, Hilda Vidal communicates to us from another dimension, feelings hidden in the super I, and she sketches with the mind and the brush, the life from different angles to the habitual ones. They are human beings with a different spirituality... therefore, those who approach it will suspect how many secrets there are?