Exhibition by Luis Orlando Álvarez (Pako). Gallery Casa 8, street 8 No. 306 and / 13 and 15, Vedado / May-June of 2018

Luis Orlando Álvarez (Pako), as part of the Pharmacy* project, has drunk from comparative mythology, symbolic anthropology and deep psychology to delve into his inner self until he allows the necessary forces to sprout -which in his work acquire the projection of the Deer and the Wolf- to make the journey of life and grow as an adult. Forces that dance sometimes in a circle (need for completion), sometimes following a vertical (axis of the world), or in a whirlpool, as if the spirals became toothed and antlers. Roots to beget in the telluric and in the celestial. A ritual where the collective unconscious emerges through the route of symbolic sacrifice: life and death.

Will Pako's soul go back to distant lands, to an ancestral culture? A common genealogical tradition seems to assert it... Be that as it may, Pako emerges as a creator, in the cosmogonic sense of the word, with the vitality necessary to walk the path...

By: Juan Carlos Rodríguez


* Pharmacy is an Artistic-Pedagogical Project based on the conception of Telluric Memory and art as healing. A term that implies reintegrating man into the earth from the poetic experience of reality.