Exhibition by Mauro Coca. Gallery Casa 8, Street 8 Nr. 306 between 13th and 15th, Vedado. May of 2017

Intertextuality, reinterpretation of previous styles, decontextualization and artistic practices focused on mass culture have marked the art of recent decades. Postmodernity, as "negation or critique" of modernity, is much more indebted to it than it accepts to acknowledge because time and again trying to deconstruct supposed stereotypes does nothing but socialize them, thus shortening the distance between the individual and the art object.

With the permission of... it is a clear example of this intentionality, where Alphonse Mucha stands as the main stylistic reference although some of the subjects are so absolutely recognizable as symbols of cubanity that any spatial clarification is out of context. Tito Álvarez's butcher, Korda's militia, the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, the tattooed boy that we can see in any corner coexist without modesty with the stylized models of the Czech artist that are now surrounded by icons of the insular culture.

More than reinterpretation, Mauro Coca's work then becomes a tribute, a timeless tribute from graphics, photography, painting and even from his own skin to this master of Art Nouveau whose transcendence goes beyond the framework of modernity to become a style, also within tattooing, a postmodern practice par excellence that claims and legitimizes cultural legacies as part of contemporary aesthetics.

by: Sussette Martínez Montero