Photographic exhibition of Pilar Ruby. Casa Victor Hugo, Street O'Reilly #311 between Havana and Aguiar. Old Havana

None of the multiple expressions of the visual arts has expanded more rapidly than photography. Pilar Rubí knows it and has handled it very well.

From its very origins, this transcendental invention served to reproduce the environment and use painting as a base. Today she has come to take everything and that is precisely what Pilar tells us. The exhibition he presents today is the result of a reduced inventory of his recent experiences with Polaroid's collodion and photos, but techniques are of little importance today. What really catches our attention is how, from apparently exhausted media, a diversity of images appear before our eyes, the result of a controlled manipulation; in some pieces it is inevitable to notice the direct reference to the medium, in others it is necessary to make an effort to identify what Pilar is carrying in her hands.

Exhibitions like this make us think that photography reinvents itself every day as long as there is someone who can do it.


by: José Veigas