Graduate of Art History and with basic formation in visual arts, he is also art critic and curator. His artistic work is...

Jorge & Larry

Jorge Torres (Bauta, 1975) is Graduated of the National Academy of Fine arts San Alejandro. Larry J. González (Los Palos,...

From this side of the wall

Personal exhibition by Yoanny Aldaya Ramírez. Gallery Casa 8, street 8 Nr. 306 between 13 and 15, Vedado. November-December 2017

To live in the truth

Collective exhibition. Casa Victor Hugo, street O'Reilly Nr. 311 between Habana and Aguiar, Old Havana. November - December of 2017


Exhibition by Joel P. Ramírez. Gallery Squisla, San Ignacio Nr. 4, between Tejadillo and Chacón, Old Havana. November - December 2017

Experiences spaces

Exhibition by José Julián Martí. Gallery Villa Manuela, Street H Nr. 406 between 17 and 19, Vedado. November - December 2017

Homage: Alfredo Sarabia

Exhibition by Alfredo Sarabia (Father). El Local study, Street 8 Nr. 113 between 5th and Calzada (Penthouse), Verdado. November 2017

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PhD. Des. in Sciences on Art in topics on sensorial creation related with new technologies in art. Has been researching for several years the ethic of...


PhD. Applicant in Sciences on Art, Diplomat from ISA and Bachelor in Art History in UH. Works as art critic, curator, multidisciplinary creator, specialist...


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