One second before waking up

Personal exhibition of Ilse Antón with several medium format pieces in acrylic on cardboard. The fine lines of graphite, the pastel tones and elegance compositional shows a marked influence of art nouveau and the aesthetics of anime manga. CASA8 Art Gallery, Vedado, La Habana.

To see the other landscape

The critical text highlights how the exhibition offers an «other» landscape, seen as an intellective process that reflexes the surrounding world or the construction of new realities.

El Anaquel

"EL Anaquel" Yerandee González Durán. Personal exhibition of artist's books Experimental Graphic Workshop in Havana. February / 2017

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SONIQUE, 1st event of sound art in Cuba

SONIQUE, first event of sound art in Cuba that had as one of its main actions a review exhibition. With the curatorial work of Ley MA and the main production of MATROSKA –among other sponsors like artlab21-ESMoA, artinhavana, and with the support of institutions like the CDAV and the MNBA

Jorge & Larry

Jorge Torres (Bauta, 1975) is Graduated of the National Academy of Fine arts San Alejandro. Larry J. González (Los Palos,...


Graduate of Art History and with basic formation in visual arts, he is also art critic and curator. His artistic work is...

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In gourmet skin 2013

In gourmet skin 2013

An approaching to the Emerging Media art and its relationship with movements or tendencies of the arts from the XX Century. It characterizes the combinatory...

Sweetened ice in porcelain of Sèvres

Sweetened ice in porcelain of Sèvres

About the exhibition “Plowing in the sea” of the project Plastic Guajiras (Amarilys González and Yailín González), artists that uses performance,...



An approach to the alternative spaces of art in Havana since 1994 until 2013 and how they propitiate less censorship and bureaucracy, to experience as...

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א (encounter) IUSTITIA

א (encounter) IUSTITIA

Interventive works curated by Ley MA during the XII Biennial of Havana inside the event DANS LA GRANDE JATTÉ organized by the Project MATROSKA, May-June...

Consuelo Castañeda in Havana.

Consuelo Castañeda in Havana.

In late august month, Consuelo Castañeda opened her first exhibition in Cuba in almost 30 years. Presented at the Orígines gallery of the Gran Teatro...

Critics with humour, No.1

Critics with humour, No.1

art.inhavana shows some vignettes that conforms a book in editorial process on part of the humorous critic by the artist Janler Méndez. These critics...

art expo: ELLOS PICOS

This group of three young artists that lives in Cárdenas, Matanzas, was affected by the censorship of an exhibition in their hometown. Thanks to the action of Celso Lázaro de Zayas Vázquez was possible to concretize an exhibition in Florida, Camaguey, and ArtinHavana promote it. We share this digital gallery with a selection of works of ELLOS PICOS since 2015 until 2016. We are interested to show them beyond limited prejudgments and incomprehensions to support the potential values that artists like ELLOS PICOS demonstrate.
(Ronny González Damas, Christian Sáez Carlos and Frank Ernesto Arias Gómez).

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