Desiderio Sanzi


With professional studies in illustration and design, the Italian Desiderio Sanzi develops his art in means like painting, installation, video art, video-installation, interactive art, performance and electronic music. With numerous exhibitions in Cuba, Chile, China, Japan, Syria, Turkey, Germany, USA, UK, South Korea, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary. Are distinguished his participations in Biennials as the 54th of Venice, 11th and 12e of Havana, 4th Biennial of the End of the World in Valparaiso. His painting feeds the means that he uses. Desiderio doesn't follow an aesthetic itself; everything is in cycles: as a director that paints. The base of his art is expressionist but related with the "magic realism": to the reality that surrounds him, but with surreal details that multiplies internal bonds like an endless history.